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At Legends and Legacies: A Personal History Service a professional journalist works to capture your story and celebrate your history. 

We help you to write memoirs, biographies, tributes and you hold the pen. 

Using direct transcripts created after a series of conversations and interviews we work together to craft your legacy and chronicle your tale exactly as it’s written in your head, then we create and publish a beautiful, hardcover, heirloom book that preserves it for a lifetime. 

Stories are gifts meant to be shared.

Don’t let that anecdote, that day, that particular memory die. Keep your history alive for generations to come with a thoughtfully crafted personal history. 

 Personal histories are a powerful way to connect generations and I want to help you preserve the most special memories. As a personal historian, I work directly with you and for you. I aim to fully understand your goals, your desires and your story in order to turn those intentions trapped inside your heart into prose that is easy to read and understand.

It means helping you interpret your story in a way that makes sense emotionally to you and in a way that’s easy for others to enjoy and understand. 

My goal as a personal historian is to be an interpreter, a guide, a collaborator and ultimately your complete advocate. I can only achieve this by listening to you intently, absorbing your story and then turning your thoughts into a compelling, well-written narrative and creating for you a keepsake book that will preserve your story.

 How do we start?

 It’s simple. We talk to each other. 

That usually begins with a phone call. 

If your personal history is a gift, I will speak first to the gift givers and later to the subject. 

If we are a good fit and we all connect we set up a series of interviews to gain perspective on the legacy project. 

Together with my clients we outline expectations and go over the process and expectations in detail. I think that it is imperative to meet, whether in person or via Skype, in order to get to know each other and I think it’s important to like the people you’re working with in order to understand their story and know how to capture it on the page. 

If that initial meeting goes well for both of us, we enter into an agreement and I begin interviewing and writing your story immediately.

Legends & Legacies - A Personal History Service, preserving the past

Reflections: Look at the Possibilities


Everyone has a story, what’s yours? I can help you turn stories, photos & documents into lasting memories. We work together to preserve and bring to life those long buried personal stories, and bring the names & dates on your family tree alive.


The best way to say I appreciate you. Honor the memory of a beloved one, or commemorate a landmark anniversary or special event.



Create a priceless record of a life lived that will last for years to come. We work together to collect and honor the memories of a lost loved one, and preserve a record of ancestral stories from the past.

Legends & Legacies - A Personal History Service, preserving the past
I am fascinated with sagas, sequels, novels, narratives, drama, fiction, fantasy, legends and legacies my whole life, and I have always been a story writer. Let me tell yours.
— Melani Morose


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